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Drake Software is complete, professional, and comprehensive tax software, allowing you to prepare any tax return, personal or business, federal or state.

Unlike with other professional tax software, there are no extra modules or packages to buy, ever. You’ll find this is unusual among tax software companies. Drake also includes all states with income taxes, as well as many cities and localities.

We also don’t charge extra just so you can e-file or offer bank products. So with Drake, you always know what your software will cost, which just happens to be one of the best deals in the industry.

Incredible value

– it’s what we believe in, and it’s just one of the features we built into Drake Software’s tax programs for professionals. Read about some more.

Tools that let you work your way

We know you need more than just tax prep software to run your practice. You need tools to make your office workflow … well, flow. That’s why we developed our bundled products, Client Write-Up, Drake Document Manager, and Drake Tax Planner. They’re your ticket to a growing and smoothly operating practice.

Drake is also loaded with features that let you run the software and your practice just the way you want. From software setup options to built-in practice management tools, Drake is a perfect fit for any office.

A partner after the sale

Getting ready for each tax season is a daunting task for even experienced professionals, even more so with new and inexperienced staff. That’s why Drake is also dedicated to being your partner in training, for you and your staff.

And should you ever need extra assistance, you’ll really appreciate Drake’s excellent, U.S.-based customer support, who will answer your call in seconds.

These are just a few of the things that set Drake apart, among tax programs for professionals and among tax software companies. Drake is more than just tax prep software: we’re your partner, dedicated to serving you and helping you grow as a business.

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