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Introducing Organize Lite, from GruntWorx – Available in January 2015

Organize Lite is the newest product from GruntWorx. Organize Lite supports the same efficient workflow as the traditional Organize product – simply scan client source-files, and Organize Lite converts those documents into indexed, bookmarked, useable tax work papers.

So, what makes it "Lite"? Unlike Organize, Organize Lite is processed strictly through GruntWorx technology with no human validation, resulting in a more affordable entry point to paperless automation. With acceptable scan quality, you receive an organized document back in minutes. It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s affordable.

Here’s the best part. For the 2014 tax season, a portion of the cost will be covered by Drake. So, for only $99, you get unlimited access to Organize Lite for the entire 2014 tax season. No per submission charge and no limit on the number of 2014 tax documents submitted.* Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer for Drake Software customers.

*Note: This is a LIMITED time offer, available until December 31, 2015. Submissions are limited to individual income tax-related source documents for the 2014 tax year only. Other restrictions may apply, see license agreement for details.

Feature Organize LITE Organize Populate Trades
Import trade details from Forms 1099 into Drake Software       GruntWorx
Review and manipulate trade data in an Excel spreadsheet before importing       GruntWorx
Enter data from scanned source documents into Drake Software     GruntWorx GruntWorx
Identify, sort and label scanned documents into a single PDF GruntWorx GruntWorx GruntWorx GruntWorx
Create and deliver a searchable PDF GruntWorx GruntWorx GruntWorx GruntWorx
Built into Drake Document Manager GruntWorx GruntWorx GruntWorx GruntWorx
Supported by Drake’s “best in class” customer support group GruntWorx GruntWorx GruntWorx GruntWorx
Includes human data validation   GruntWorx GruntWorx GruntWorx

Tax Automation & Organization

Save time and money by automating data entry and source file organization from directly within Drake Document Manager.

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“We are very happy with our decision to go with GruntWorx technology. We’ve taken an already successful area of our firm – tax preparation – and made it even more profitable. If other firms would deploy a scan-and-populate technology such as GruntWorx, that firm would be more profitable … guaranteed."

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