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Tax Automation & Organization

  • Take the Paperwork out of Tax Preparation. GruntWorx is a secure web-based application that automates the time-consuming tasks of organizing and populating client tax data into Drake Software.
  • Take the Data Entry out of Tax Preparation. Free preparers and reviewers to focus on higher value activities by automating data extraction and population into Drake Software.
  • Take the Waiting out of Tax Preparation. Time savings of up to 40% on data entry! Scan your information and move on with other projects.
  • Take the Monotony out of Tax Preparation. Transform consolidated brokerage statements into an Excel® spreadsheet file – no more entering tens, hundreds, or thousands of individual trade details.
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  • Organizes, bookmarks and labels scanned tax documents so you can easily find and review any document
  • Standardizes workflow with consistently organized tax workpapers
  • Transforms trade details on scanned consolidated brokerage statements into a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet file
  • Easily import trade details into Drake Software
  • Eliminates data entry with accurate data extraction and population into Drake Software
  • Frees preparers and reviewers to focus on higher value activities

Improve Productivity

Scan client documents before sending through the
tax software, saving you time and money.

Transfer data from paper-based forms and PDF
files. This technology reduces the paperwork, data
entry and wait time associated with tax preparation.

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