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11760: 1045 - NOL Carryback for More Than 3 Years (Drake15 and prior)

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In Drake15 and prior, how do I enter a carryback for more than 3 years? Screen 1045 has room for only 3 years.

Complete two screens, one for the oldest three preceding years, and one for the remaining more recent preceding years. For example, for a five-year carryback, years 5-3 would be entered first, and then years 2 and 1.

  1. Enter the first 1045 screen for the oldest three preceding years.
  2. When that screen is complete, press Page Down in order to access the NOL screen and complete Schedule B for those years.
  3. Press Page Up to return to the 1045 screen, and press Ctrl+Page Down to create a new 1045 screen.
  4. Complete the second screen for the remaining recent years and press Page Down. You will see the NOL screen with your entries for the first 1045.
  5. Press Ctrl+Page Down to create a new NOL screen and complete the screen for the remaining years.


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