Drake Documents - Moving Documents Between Folders

How do I move a document to another folder in Drake Documents?

There are several ways to move documents from one folder to another in Drake Documents (previously Drake Document Manager or DDM).  You can copy or cut a document and paste it into another folder, or drag it and drop it in the new location.

Copy, Cut, and Paste

  • You can select the document, and then use the standard Windows shortcuts:
    • Copy - CTRL+C
    • Cut - CTRL+X
    • Paste - CTRL+V
  • You can also right click on the document to be moved, and select these options from the document's right-click menu.
  • You can choose Copy, Cut, or Paste on the toolbar at the top of the Drake Documents.


Drag and Drop
You can drag and drop a document into a different folder if that feature is turned on under Setup > Options. The software will provide a prompt, asking you to confirm the task before completing it.