Drake Documents - Move Client Files from Working Cabinet to Archive Cabinet

How can I move a client's files from the Working Cabinet to the Archive Cabinet?

If you are using Drake Documents Working Cabinet in Drake (Setup > Printing > Drake Documents > Use Working Cabinet), you may want to copy contents from the Working Cabinet into the Archive Cabinet for long-term storage. The Working Cabinet Archive Utility can do this for you.

To use the Archive Utility, open the Working Cabinet of Drake Documents by clicking the Documents icon on the toolbar at the top the Drake Tax Home screen.

In the Working Cabinet, click the Archive icon on the toolbar.

The Drake Documents Archive Utility dialog box opens. Select the client(s) to archive, or Select All. Click OK to send all files and folders from the selected client folder(s) to the Drake Documents Archive Cabinet.

The files and folders of each selected client in the Working Cabinet are copied to the Tax/Year sub-folder in the client's Archive Cabinet folder.

The Archive Utility does not overwrite Archive Cabinet files. A different version of the same file (one with a different Last Modified date) is copied and renamed by adding a sequence number at the end of the original name.