Online Reports - Configure Access or Permissions

How do I enable or disable access to the online reports for users?


To enable or disable access to reports:

  • Log in to the Drake User Manager.
  • Select Manage Accounts and locate the user for whom edits are needed.

  • Click the Application Access tab.
  • In the row that says Drake Software Support, click the edit icon under the Actions column. 

  • Make changes to the roles and click Submit. Note that the different reports are able to be enabled or disabled individually.
    • If you select Admin, the user will have access to all features and reports; you would have to remove the Admin role to limit access to other items. 

Access to reports must be configured for each user. 

If a user does not have permission to access a report, they will still see it on the Report menu, however, they will get the following message when they attempt to select it:

"You do not have access to this report. Please contact your administrator for assistance."