Printing Envelopes

Can I adjust envelope size for the envelopes I print at Tools > Client Communications > Envelopes?

The default settings at Tools > Client Communications > Envelopes (in Drake21 and prior, Tools > Letters > Envelopes) match a standard business envelope, 4" x 9.5" (the commercial #10 envelope). You can adjust the print position of both main and return addresses to match other envelope sizes on the Print Envelopes dialog box. Additional envelope options are available. 

You can test print an envelope to PDF using the Drake PDF Printer, or to plain paper, to get a fair idea of address location. Software print orientation defaults to Landscape, however, you can select Portrait if needed. 

Always test-print an envelope before printing an entire batch. Not all printers are capable of printing envelopes. Verify that your printer has this capability before using this function in the program and ensure that envelopes are loaded properly into the printer.