1040 - EF Message 0043

How do I clear EF Message 0043 in a 1040 return?

Review screen 1 (demographics or Name and Address) to be sure that: 

  • Dependent of another is not selected.
  • The filing status is correct.
  • The name of the person qualifying for HOH is entered.
  • The SSN/ITIN for the primary taxpayer is valid and within valid ranges.

Review screen 2 (Dependents) to be sure it has been completed, including any additional information needed. Check that:

  • All SSN/ITIN/ATINs are valid and within valid ranges.
  • The SSN/ITIN/ATINs entered are not identical to the taxpayer.
  • The Months in home field has been completed.
  • All selections have been made as necessary under Additional Information at the bottom of the screen.