Form 8821

How do I produce Form 8821?

Form 8821 is generated from the 2848 screen. Open the 2848 screen from the Other Forms tab, or enter 8821 or 2848 in the selector field to open it.

On screen 2848, select Form 8821 (near the top of the screen) and complete necessary fields.


  • You can produce both Forms 2848 and 8821 in the same return. Press Page Down for a second screen.
  • You can produce a Form 8821 for both taxpayers by selecting J in the TSJ field in a joint return.
  • The taxpayers' names do not appear in the form signature fields automatically. If you want them there, the line 7 field Person signing form if not taxpayer or spouse can be used.
    • The name entered appears on both forms if J is used in the TSJ field. In that event, prepare the taxpayers' forms separately with T and S selections.
  • You can enter more than one representative. Press Page Down for a new screen to include more representatives on the 8821. The additional 8821 representatives appear on a second listing of Form 8821 titled Form 8821 Attachment (ATT_8821 in Drake15 and prior).
  • The software will display both the 2848 and the 8821 screen on the Other Forms tab. If one or the other is completed, both will show as completed on that tab.
  • To mark box 5a on Form 8821, check the box Send copies of tax information, notices, and other written communications (Form 8821). If box 5b should be marked instead, do not check that box. 
For more information, see the Form 8821 Instructions