1040paytax.com - Pay Federal, IL, KS, and MN Balance Due by Credit/Debit Card

Taxpayers can pay federal and some state balances due by credit or debit card AFTER the return has been e-filed and accepted at 1040paytax.com.


Note: ​This information is in regard to the Drake E-Payment center through 1040paytax.com. For information on authorizing a payment by debit or credit card BEFORE the tax return is filed, see Integrated File and Pay articles in Related Links below. 

Drake Software has joined Value Payment Systems (VPS) to offer an E-Payment Center for making tax payments via debit card or credit card (MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, AmEx®). VPS hosts and maintains this website and is partnered with WorldPay US, Inc., one of several companies authorized by the IRS to process tax payments. 

Why use the E-Payment Center? 

The E-Payment Center is a convenient option for taxpayers who choose to pay their tax bill at their own convenience once the return is filed. Unlike Integrated File and Pay (IFP), this option is not integrated with the e-file process; instead, taxpayers can simply go to our E-Payment Center at any time to make their payment. In addition to Form 1040 and 4868 payments, many other payment options are available at the E-Payment Center, including quarterly estimated tax payments. 

How does it work?

After a tax return is filed, a taxpayer can use a credit or debit card to make a balance due payment to the IRS and also to Illinois, Kansas, and Minnesota by going directly to 1040paytax.com. As the preparer, you can access 1040paytax.com for the taxpayer by using the Pay balance due link on the ESX, or state FAQ screens in the 1040 program. 

How much is the convenience fee for using this service? 

The convenience fees associated with the E-Payment center can be found at https://www.payusatax.com/drakepaytax.

To learn more, log in to https://Support.DrakeSoftware.com and click Products > Drake E-Payment Center

Flyers are available in PDF format as well. Download and use these flyers to educate your customers about this payment method.