Drake Tax Trial Software

How do I install and use the trial of Drake Tax Software?

The Drake Tax trial allows you to test the ease and functionality of the Drake Tax program on your own computer. You can use the trial software to test functionality and even convert from another program. The trial program does not require a serial number to run. Most functions are available in trial mode (see the table below for details). For more information, see the Get Started with Drake page. 

Function Trial Availability
Installation Download
Create Federal and State Returns Yes1
 View and Print Returns Yes1
 Download State Software Yes 
 Update from Prior Year Yes 
Reports  Yes
e-File Live Returns No
Change SSN or File Type of a Return No
Log in to Drake Support Website Yes2
Convert from another software  Yes

1 Forms are watermarked.
2 If you have not received any temporary account info, contact your sales representative for assistance at (800) 890-9500.

How do I get the software in trial mode?

You may sign up for a free trial at Drakesoftware.com - click Try Drake Tax, fill out basic information and click Submit. As soon as you have completed the form, you are emailed a confirmation and link to download the current trial software.  

Can I install state programs with the trial?

Yes, you can install states during the installation of the program.

How do I convert from the trial to the full version of the software?

If you were using a trial version of the software prior to purchasing a license, you can convert your program to the version that you ordered (Full or PPR) by going to File > Change Trial to Standard. Enter your Drake account number and serial number provided in the email thanking you for your purchase of the software.

Even if you did not purchase the prior year program, you can still open that program in trial mode to get started and convert your files. For example, if you only purchased Drake23, you are still able to install Drake22 in trial mode and convert files from your prior software provider (where supported). This allows you to review the converted data and then when Drake23 is released, you can simply update your converted files from Drake22 to Drake23 and begin preparing 2023 returns. 

Your Drake account number and serial number are also available on the Drake Support website under the home menu as well as Account > Serial Numbers.

How do I uninstall the trial?

When installed, the Drake Tax trial version does not appear in the Add/Remove Programs section in the control panel. If you have decided to remove the Drake trial, contact Drake Support at (828) 524-8020 for assistance.

Important: If you choose to delete the program, setup and client files cannot be recovered unless you have a backup. Drake recommends making a full backup and saving that backup on a flash drive, external hard drive, or other location that is different from where you have installed Drake Tax; see Related Links below for details.

If you have purchased DrakeYY and wish to convert the trial to the standard licensed version, follow the steps above instead. You do not need to delete the trial in order to upgrade to the licensed program. 

How and when can I get a conversion program for my old tax software?

You can download available conversion programs online after you have received an account login for the support website. If you have not received any temporary account info, contact your sales representative for assistance at (800) 890-9500.

Then, log in to Drake Support  and go to Downloads > Conversions. There's more information in "FAQs About The Conversion Programs" (see Related Links below).

If I decide to purchase Drake Tax, how will I setup the software using my IRS assigned EFIN?

Per IRS regulation, you must register your IRS assigned EFIN with Drake before e-filing under that EFIN can begin. See the Related Links below for more information on what Drake will need before e-filing live returns may begin.

Other Questions?

Call our Sales team at (800) 890-9500 or our Support team at (828) 524-8020.