Printing the Envelope Cover Sheet Only for Clients

Can I print an envelope cover sheet for my clients without having to print the entire organizer?

You can print the cover sheets alone by adjusting the way you print organizers so that only one form, the cover sheet, prints. Steps 8, 9, and 10 below accomplish that.

To proceed:

  1. Go to Last Year Data > Organizer. Note: You may see a message that the "envelope slip sheet" (the cover sheet) or "referral coupons" will not print because they have not been set up. You must select a size for the cover sheet on Setup > Options > Optional Documents to print it. The referral coupons are optional and not necessary to print the cover sheet. Follow the message instructions.
  2. Select either a Summary organizer or Comprehensive organizer. (See Related Links for descriptions of each.)
  3. Select individual clients and click Next, or for all clients, click Next without making any client selection. (If you select individual clients rather than all clients, the software proceeds to step 5 below, skipping the filters and search conditions.)
  4. If printing for all clients, from the next window choose Filter and Sort options. Click Next.
  5. If printing for all clients, from the next window check the Basic Search Conditions you have selected, changing them as necessary, and click Continue.
  6. Select Print Organizer even if printed before and click Form Options.
  7. Click Unselect All at the top and then select Envelope Cover Sheet for Firm (landscape and portrait) and/or Envelope Cover Sheet for Taxpayer (landscape and portrait). Click Exit at the top right to save and exit.
    • Be sure to select both the landscape and portrait options for the envelope sheet. Selecting both does not print two sheets per taxpayer, it just ensures that form option selections matches up to your setup selections to produce an envelope sheet. 
  8. Click Process 1040.
  9. At the Print Organizers window all the displayed clients are selected. At the top of this window, you can select to Send Document(s) to Printer and/or Send Document(s) to Drake Documents to save a PDF copy for each taxpayer in their Drake Documents folder. You can unselect any client or click Unselect All and then select each client as needed. When all the clients that you want printed are selected, click Print.
  10. From the Print Dialog (or Print Selection) window, select the printer and click Print.

Where can I override the envelope coversheet settings in each type of return?

You can override the envelope coversheet selection on the COMM screen (PRNT screen in Drake18 and prior). Global settings are available under Setup > Options > Optional Documents.

Note: The information on the Cover Sheet is pulled from the Firm Setup.