View Mode - Setup Options

What are some of the different options that I have in the Enhanced View/Print Mode?

To access the following options, you will go to the View/Print Mode and click Setup.

Mask SSNs In View

This option will only mask the SSNs in the view mode of the tax return. The form will still print with the SSNs unmasked. Inside of business tax returns, the EIN will remain unmasked and the SSNs on the K-1's will be masked.

Form Properties

This option will allow you to change/set the pricing on a specific form globally or on just the current return. On the right side of this screen, you can change the number of copies that appear in each of the sets.

Form Colors

You can change the white background, the black form color and the red form text to the colors you prefer.

Form Order

This will allow you to change the order of how the forms show in the view mode and how they print from All Forms and in Sets.

Allow Drag/Drop Form Ordering

Once selected, you can drag and drop forms to change the order. You can only move forms within a specific group of forms (for example: Federal, Miscellaneous, or State).