CO - EF Message 0022

I am getting a Colorado EF Message 0022. How can I clear this EF Message?

CO EF Message 0022 reads:

An invalid entry had been made on a W2 screen showing a CO locality. There are no local income taxes in Colorado and these amounts will incorrectly carry to Federal Sch A line 5. Please remove any CO locality information entered on the W-2 screen.

These amounts are often reported on CO income forms as local income taxes for cities such as Denver, Aurora, and Greenwood Village but are actually occupational taxes charged at a flat rate by those cities for the privilege of working in that city.

As mentioned in the EF Message text, any income reported on a Form W2 as local wages is generally considered occupational taxes, rather than local wages that would be reported on a local tax return. If the income is reported on the W2 in the locality section, it may be incorrectly reported on the Schedule A, line 5. If you are receiving this EF Message, return to screen W2 (Wages) in data entry and remove the locality information.

For more information, see the CO Form 104 Instruction Booklet.