W-2 Withholding Codes (DAS)

Drake Accounting®: What are the available W-2 Withholding Codes that can be associated with deductions?  


When setting up deductions at Employees > Deductions & Benefits, you can choose from the following list of withholding codes:


W-2 Withholding Codes
Cafeteria Plan
Disability Insurance
Employee Unemployment Insurance
Family Services
Family Leave Insurance Plan (Gross)
Family Leave Insurance Plan (FICA)

Maryland State Pickup Amount

  • This is a mandatory employee retirement deduction for all employees in Maryland that participate in the retirement system.
  • This deduction is not subject to federal tax but is subject to Maryland state and local tax.
  • If this withholding applies, also select the W-2 Box 14.

Private Disability Insurance Plan Contrib.

  • Employee’s contribution to a private disability insurance plan.
  • When a deduction is set up using this withholding code, you should also select the Employer has Private Disability Plan check box and enter the Plan Number (Client > Edit > Business Information).

Public Employees Retirement Contrib.

  • Employee's contribution to a public employee's retirement system.
Loan Repayment
Transportation Tax

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Workers' Benefit Fund
 Long-Term Care Tax