Error Encountered When Activating Software (DAS)

Drake Accounting®: When I try to activate DAS, I receive an "Invalid Credentials or Inactive Account" error message.  What is causing this?


When attempting to activate Drake Accounting®, you receive the following message:


To correct this issue, verify that the following information is entered correctly under Firm > Firm Information Setup:

  • EFIN
  • Account Number
  • e-File Password

If you are unsure what your Account Number or e-File password is, this information can be retrieved by going to Drake Software Support > Account > e-File Password.

Also, check your Windows settings to ensure that the time is set up and is set to the correct time zone:

  1. Go to Windows Settings
  2. Click Time & Language.
  3. On the Date & Time tab, make sure that:
    • Set Time automatically is On.
    • The Time Zone selection drop list is accurate to your location.