General Ledger Report (DAS)

Drake Accounting®: What information is displayed on the General Ledger Report in Reports?  


The General Ledger Report is a complete set of all accounts used by a business to create the record of all debits and credits made to each account.  To run this report, go to Accounting > Reports (Crystal Reports® in DAS21 and prior) > General Ledger.

The report shows each account's balance while adding and subtracting the unposted transactions from the transactions journal to calculate the accounts ending balance within a designated date range.  Select which accounts to display on the report.  Excluded from the reports are accounts without any transaction activity.  You can select to include posted and unposted transactions.

Accounts that are not affected by the current month's transactions show the beginning and ending balance as the same figure.  Accounts that are affected by the current moth's transactions show the beginning balance, the transaction, and the ending balance for the account.

The report uses the following format: