2023.06.06 - Drake22 Updates

2023.06.06 - Drake22 Updates


Indiana Update 20

  • S Corporation and Partnership Package:
    • The intended pass-through withholding amounts will now flow to the following lines when "Form IN-PTET has been filed for the pass-through entity tax (PTET) election" is selected on IN screen 1.
    • Line 8, "Total amount of pass-through withholding," of IN Form IT-65 (Partnership package)
    • Line 17, "Total amount of pass-through withholding," of IN Form IT-20S (S Corporation package)

Maryland Update 22

  • Corporation Package:
    • Amended MD 500 returns can now be e-filed as expected.
  • Individual Package:
    • The expected amount is now displayed on line 1, "Total Maryland income," of MD Form 502UP when filing an amended MD 505NR return.
    • Code "v" on MD Form 502SU has been updated to the latest version.

Rhode Island Update 23

  • Partnership Package:
    • The check box "suppress 1096" has been added to RI screen 1096. Select this option to suppress Form RI-1096PT and produce Form RI-1040C instead.