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Explore these additional client services to enhance customer value.

Bank Products

Drake provides everything you need to offer bank products, a popular and easy way to add revenue to your tax season, while giving your customers options to receive their refund and pay fees.

Available products vary by provider, but include refund advances, direct deposit checks (federal and state), and prepaid debit cards.

Current bank partners and products:

•    e-Collect fee withholding service
•    e-Advance refund advance
•    e-Bonus refund loan
•    E1 prepaid card
•    Walmart Direct2Cash

•    Refund Advance
•    Refund loan
•    FasterMoney prepaid card
•    Refund loan
•    Walmart Direct2Cash

•    Easy Advance
•    NetSpend prepaid card
•    Walmart Direct2Cash

River City
•    Refund Advance Feature
•    ELEVATE Prepaid VISA® Card
•    Walmart Direct2Cash

Tax Products
•    Prefund refund advance
•    Refund loan
•    Elevate prepaid card
•    Walmart Direct2Cash

Card Payment Processing

Sign up for the E-Pay Merchard Card Processing program to begin accepting your customers' credit and debit cards as payment for your services.

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Audit Assistance

Protection Plus provides Audit Assistance and Identity Theft Assistance to your clients to relieve them of the stress and frustration of receiving a letter from the IRS or state taxing authority or having their identity stolen. As a tax professional, offering Protection Plus to your clients has many benefits:

  • Increase the value of your services
  • Save you valuable time and energy
  • Increase your revenue

Spanish support is available. For more information visit, or at

Customer Communications

Versicom Communications offers the following services that help you strengthen customer relationships, improve retention, and grow your business:

  • Return and refund status information by toll-free phone call, website lookup, text message or email.
  • Refer-a-Friend program, putting the power of word of mouth to work for your practice.
  • Touch Point calls – maintain the personal relationship you have with your customers with automated birthday, holiday, and other calls.

For more information, visit