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How do I run a report to show individual or business returns on extension?
To run a report to show returns that have been set for an extension, follow these steps:
  • Go to Reports > Reports Manager.
  • Click EF/Bank Reports to expand the list of available reports.
  • Click EF Status & Tracking to expand the list again.
  • Select either Extensions Accepted, Extensions Pending, or Extensions Rejected.
  • Click View Report.
    • If you have previously run this report, answer Yes to the prompt to create a report using current data.
  • The Basic Search Conditions window displays. Select one or more of the following return types:
    • All Return Types
    • Corporation (1120)
    • Tax Exempt
    • Individual (1040)
    • S-Corporation (1120S) Fiduciary (1041)
    • Partnership (1065)
    • Fiduciary(1065)
  • Click Continue to display the report.
  • You can then choose to Print or Export the report to Excel for further review. 

This report is based on data in your local Drake EF Database. You can also run a similar extension report from your online EF database by logging in to Drake Support and selecting Reports > Returns.

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