Pay Federal/State Balance Due by Credit or Debit Card

Is there a way to pay an amount due for a taxpayer with a credit or debit card?

Credit or debit card payment can be made using either of two methods:

  • Integrated File and Pay (IFP) (before return is e-filed)
    • Federal payments only for 1040 or 4868 extension.
    • Arrange to make the payment from inside a completed return before the return is e-filed. (Card is not charged until the return has been accepted.)
    • Use the IFP screen (on the Miscellaneous tab, or click the Pay balance due ... link on the PMT and 4868 screen).
    • For more information about IFP, see KB article "Use Integrated File and Pay to Pay a 1040 or 4868 Balance Due by Credit/Debit Card" in Related Links below.
  • (after return is e-filed)
    • IL, KS, MN and federal payments.
    • Payment is made after the return has been e-filed.
    • Use; the ES, X and state FAQ screens include links to this website.
    • For more information about, see "Pay Federal, IL, KS, and MN Balance Due by Credit/Debit Card at" in Related Links below.