Password Protected Client Files

Can I password protect a client file in Drake? 

Yes, the Password Protect tool will protect client files from unauthorized access. A protected file cannot be opened in data entry until it is unlocked with a password.

To password-protect a file:

  1. From the Home window of Drake, go to Tools > File Maintenance > Password Protect Files.
  2. In the Password Protect Client Data Files dialog box, enter the SSN or EIN of the client file you wish to password-protect.
  3. Enter an eight-character password in the Enter Password field. Passwords are case-sensitive and can consist of any combination of letters and numbers.
  4. Enter the password in the next field to confirm it.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click Yes to confirm that you want to password-protect the file.
  7. Click Exit.

Note: The Current password field will accept more than eight characters. When attempting to open a client file, if you enter more than eight characters for an eight-character password, the entry is rejected even if the first eight characters match the password.

To remove a password from a client file:

  1. In the Enter the Client's SSN/EIN field, type the SSN/EIN of the file for which you wish to remove password protection
  2. In the Current password field, enter the current password, and leave the new password fields blank.
  3. Click Continue
  4. Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the password.
  5. Click Exit

For more information see the Drake Software Manual.