NY - Filing the NYS-45 (DAS)

Drake Accounting®: How do I create and file the NYS-45?


For filing to the New York Department of Taxation and Finance, DAS produces:

  • A .txt file for upload
  • A PDF of Form NYS-45, Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, And Unemployment Insurance Return, for record keeping purposes only. 


The NYS-45 requires either a preparer NYTPRIN or a valid exclusion code to be entered under Firm > User Setup > Preparer Options tab > State Information section.

Exclusion codes are as follows: 

Exclusion Code Exemption type
01 Attorney
02 Employee of attorney
03 CPA
04 Employee of CPA
05 PA (Public Accountant)
06 Employee of PA
07 Enrolled agent
08 Employee of enrolled agent
09 Volunteer tax preparer
10 Employee of business preparing that business’ return

See Related Links below for other setup items that may be required before creating a state wage report.​

To create the wage report: 

  • Select the Employees or On the Fly menu, then select State Tax & Wage Forms.
  • Make sure NY is selected, then select S-45ATT1 from the Forms drop-list.
  • Select the applicable quarter.
  • Review the form and make any necessary entries or edits. 
  • Select the appropriate preparer in the Preparer's firm name (or yours, if self-employed) drop down. If needed, the exclusion code can be changed here (see above for global setup). 
  • Make sure the e-file checkbox is marked, then select Save/Print.


Save/Print creates the watermarked PDF of the Form NYS-45 for record keeping purposes, as well as the .txt file to upload to the state of New York.

To upload:

  • Log in to the New York Online Services for tax professionals website.​
  • Follow the menu options to upload the wage file. 
  • The file for upload can be found by browsing to the drive where DAS is installed > DrakeAccounting20YY > DAS20YYData (beginning in DAS2021) > Clients > client code > EFile > NY > NYS45ATT1 and selecting the file named NYS45ATT1_YYYY-MM-DD_HR_MIN_SEC.txt (where YYYY-MM-DD_HR_MIN_SEC is the date and time of the file creation).