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10608: Validating Data Imported into Returns

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I know I am responsible for the accuracy of data imported into a taxpayer's return, but how do I annotate a source document so that I have a record of the validation?

The import function does not replace preparer review. It is always necessary to verify that all data entered in a tax return is accurate. Generally, you will want to compare imported data with data in the source documents. When you compare imported data with source documents, you can create a verification record by annotating the documents themselves, electronically or manually, by logging verification in the Drake Documents Audit Log, or both.

Annotate a PDF source document electronically

There are a number of software products that allow you to edit or annotate PDF documents. For information about their features, or help using them, contact the software supplier.

  • Adobe Reader – add sticky notes or highlighting.
  • Adobe Standard – add check marks, notes or highlighting to PDF documents or individual fields.
  • Any other PDF editor that can annotate PDF documents.

Log a verification entry in Drake Documents

To log a record of document verification in Drake Documents, you can create and use a custom status and add comments to the document description.

Use a custom status

  • To create a new status, in Drake Documents go to Setup > Options.
  • Click the Show/Hide button for the Document Status list to display the list.
  • In the Document Status list, enter a status name such as "Import Verified."
  • Click Save to save the changes.


  • To set the status for a document, right click the document row in Drake Documents, point to Status in the drop list, and select the status:

Add a comment to the document description

  • To add a comment to the description, right-click the document row and select Properties to open the Audit Log.
  • Enter the comment in the Description field.
  • Click OK to save it.

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