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13378: E-Pay Credit Card Processing - Accepting Debit or Credit Cards

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Apply for E-Pay Credit Card Processing so you can accept your customer's credit or debit card to pay for tax preparation services. 

Sign up to accept your customers’ credit and debit cards as payment for your services with EPS Financials' credit card processing program that is built for the Tax Professional. If you are already taking credit cards, find out if EPS’ programs can save you time and money. Contact EPS for more information. 

Applying for the Service

Log in to your Support website.

Select Account > Account Info from the left menu, then select E-Pay Credit Card Processing from the drop list.

You will be presented with two options: the Simple Fee Program or the Monthly Fee Program, each described below. Click the Apply button for the option you’d like to apply for, then complete and submit the application. EPS will contact you and either approve or decline your application.

  • e-Pay Simple Fee Program
    • Pay as you go
    • No monthly fee
    • 2.95% per transaction
    • $0.25 per transaction
    • No monthly fee for the EPS Gateway
    • No other fees
    • Approved and processing in the same day
    • Easy to accept credit cards/debit cards within Drake Software
    • After completing the Simple Fee application, follow the on-screen instructions to complete your setup.
  • e-Pay Monthly Fee Program
    • $19.95 monthly fee January-May
    • Process year-round, no monthly fee June-December
    • $5.95 per month + $0.05 per transaction gateway fee
    • 1.74% + $0.20 per qualified transaction
    • 2.99% + $0.20 per non-qualified transaction
    • Multiple processing options: standalone terminal, online, and within Drake Software
    • Payment of tax preparation fees and any fees outside of tax preparation
    • On approval, you will receive an email with setup details (if you do not receive an email, contact EPS Merchant Services (844) 244-1787).
    • When that process is completed and your account is ready for use, sign into the Support website and select Account > Account Info from the left menu. At the bottom of the Company Information section, check the box Is an EPS Merchant Processor and enter the API Login ID and Transaction Key supplied to you in the EPS email. 

Receiving Payments in Drake

You can receive credit card payments with or without a credit card reader. When a customer asks to pay with a credit or debit card:

  1. Open the client's return in Drake Software.
  2. Click the e-Pay icon on the toolbar.
  3. The calculated preparation fees appear in the Amount Due and Amount to Pay fields. Adjust the amount to pay as needed.
  4. Optional: For the customer to receive an electronic receipt and payment notifications, enter the customer's email address. (An email address entered on the Name & Address screen will be automatically copied to this field.)
  5. In the E-Pay dialog box, select either the Swiped Credit Card or Keyed Credit Card tab.
    • If entering the card manually, select Use Taxpayer Information to autofill the Billing Information fields with taxpayer data from the Name & Address screen of the return, or complete the fields manually. Complete the Credit Card Information field.
    • If using a card reader, select the Swiped Credit Card tab, then run the card through the reader. 
  6. Click Process.
  7. Once accepted, the credit card payment automatically flows to the client's BILL screen in Drake Tax and the payment appears on the client's bill. 

For more information, review the contact information available at or call (844) 244-1787.

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