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13543: EF Message 7300 - Protection Plus

Protection Plus

How do I clear Red Message 7300?

EF Message 7300:

Incorrect Audit Protection fee value or Audit Protection program not approved.

EF Message 7300 refers to Protection Plus in a transmitted return. This rejection is typically the result of one of two conditions:

  • You are not approved for the audit protection program. This is probably because you have not submitted a Protection Plus application on the Support website, or because your application has not yet been approved.
  • The audit fees sum does not match what you entered in your Support website Protection Plus application (only returns with bank products). Specifically, the Protection Plus Markup Fee entered on the Support website application does not equal the sum of the amounts entered in your firm setup in the Protection Plus Markup Amount and franchise/network Markup Amount fields (Setup > Firm(s)).

Generally, to avoid EF Message 7300 in a return where you have marked the AP screen to indicate the taxpayer wants audit protection,

  • you must have an approved Protection Plus application,
  • you must
    • complete your firm setup for audit protection,
    • make sure that the sum of the of the two audit protection markup fees in firm setup matches the markup fee in your application (for returns with a bank product). 

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