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16360: MICR vs. Pre-printed Checks (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: What is the difference between MICR and Pre-printed checks? 


Drake Accounting® offers two options for printing checks - MICR and Pre-printed.

MICR Checks

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) check formats are designed by you in the software, and printed on blank stock. 

MICR ink is required for the scanning process used by financial institutions and must be installed in your printer. 

You can set up multiple check designs by going to the Financial menu and selecting Check Designer.  All of your clients can use any of the MICR check designs you have created. When a MICR check is printed, the client's bank information is pulled from the information entered under the Financial menu on the Payment Method screen (Setup menu on MICR Bank Accounts in DAS20).  You set up the payer name/address, payee name/address, bank name/address, amount of check written amount/numeric amount, check date/number, fractional routing number, void after period, bank routing and account number, and the print location on the check for all items.  

For more information, on Check Designs and MICR check setup, see Related Links below.

Pre-printed Checks

Pre-printed check stock is pre-designed and can be purchased from an office supply store or financial institution. DAS is compatible with several Nelco check designs. Pre-printed checks are already printed with the payer name/address, bank name/address, fractional routing number, void after period, and bank routing and account number. The check number may or may not be pre-printed (this depends on the check design purchased) and can be printed by DAS, if needed. DAS prints the employee name/address, written and numeric amount, check date and number. 

    Items printed Summary
     Check Information
Payer Name
Payer Information No Yes
Check Number As Needed Yes
Check Date Yes Yes
Pay to the Order of  No Yes
Payee Name Yes Yes
Payee Address Yes Yes
Written Amount Yes Yes
Numerical Amount Yes Yes
Bank Name No Yes
Bank Information No Yes
Fractional Routing Number No Yes
Void After No Yes
Bank Routing Number No Yes
Bank Account Number No Yes
Authorized Signature Yes Yes

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