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16482: Additional Payroll Options (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: What are the check boxes on the Employee check creation screen?


Under Employees > Payroll > Live or ATF, there are additional payroll options from which to choose:


  • Healthcare
    • Select this option if the employee has healthcare.
  • FUTA Exempt
    • Select this option to avoid adding the payment amount for this check to payroll for FUTA purposes.   
  • Mark Printed
    • This field indicates whether the paycheck should print for the employee.
      • Live Payroll
        • When Mark Printed is selected, Drake Accounting® recognizes this particular check as having been printed even though it has been entered in Live Payroll.
        • The check will not appear as a check to print under Employees > Check Print.
        • This field changes to the No Stub option (see below) for direct deposit employees.
      • ATF Payroll
        • The Mark Printed field is selected for non-direct deposit employees, and editing cannot take place.
        • ATF checks do not appear as checks to print under Employees > Check Print.
        • This field changes to the No Stub option for direct deposit employees.
  • No Stub
    • Live Payroll
      • When selected, this option indicates that no check stub should print for the selected direct deposit pay.
      • Check Date must be entered on the Live Payroll screen.
      • When this option is selected, no print record displays in Employees > Check Print.
        • The pay information automatically posts to the journal.
        • This field changes to Mark Printed option for employees not set up for direct deposit.
    • ATF Payroll
      • ATF stubs do not appear as stubs to print under Employees > Check Print but can be printed by selecting Reprint checks.
      • The pay information automatically posts to the journal when the payment information is saved.
      • The No Stub field changes to the Mark Printed option for non-direct deposit employees.
  • Direct Deposit
    • This option indicates that the check will be direct deposited based on information under Employee Setup.
    • This allows you to designate if an employee will have direct deposit for that check or not (who has direct deposit set up).
    • If you uncheck it, the employee will not be direct deposit for that check and will have a paper check.​
  • Test Direct Deposit
    • Select this option to create a "test check" Direct Deposit file for the selected employee that can transmit to Kotapay.
    • When this option is selected, all amounts on the check change to zeros.
      • A test transmission file occurs when the test check is generated.
    • Create a separate test transmission file for each employee.
    • Some states use the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to collect and analyze statistical data related to their economy.
    • These codes identify the type, or class, of work the employee does. Enter the employee's NAICS code, if applicable.
  • Additional Info
    • This link displays a read-only additional check information window that shows the check's wages, accrued hours, benefit and deduction information, and more.​

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