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16801: Hosting on Rightworks - Installing Applications


Hosting on Rightworks: How do I install applications to my Rightworks Desktop?


Users are able to install applications from the AppHub.* You can use the steps below to install supported applications such as Drake Tax, Drake Accounting, PDF24, and QuickBooks. Note that all application installation after the initial onboarding must be done by the user through AppHub.

For example, when Drake23 is released, you must choose to install it for each user by following the steps below. The program will not be deployed automatically. 

Before getting started, make sure that you have completely logged out of the Rightworks Desktop. Do not simply close the window; always use the log off icon to ensure that you have properly ended your session. You can also right click on the Start menu in the Rightworks Desktop and choose sign out

  • Log in to the AppHub with your Rightworks credentials. 
  • On the left, choose My Apps, then select Cloud Apps.

  • Scroll down to the Available Applications section and locate the program that you want to install.

  • Click Install.
  • A progress bar will display and then the app will move from the Available Applications section to the Installed Applications section. 
  • Repeat the steps above as needed to install additional applications. 
  • Log in to your Hosting on Rightworks Desktop to verify that the applications were successfully installed. 

*This process is available to all user levels except for those with a security level of "User - no catalog." For more information about User levels, see Related Links below. 


  • Some add-on applications require an additional fee. 
  • The on-boarding process will only install the current and two prior years of Drake Tax automatically. If you had any prior years of Drake Tax, or any year(s) of Drake Accounting, you will need to install those applications by using the steps above.
  • The setup information and your client data will be available once you log back in to the Rightworks desktop. 
  • App installation is done on the user-level. If you un-assign and then re-assign a package to a user, they will have to choose what apps to install. Only the current and two prior years of Drake Tax are installed by default. 

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