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16883: Drake Recommends Hosting on Rightworks

Hosting on Rightworks Generally

Hosting on Rightworks: What hosting service does Drake recommend?


Rightworks is the only hosting service that Drake recommends, and here’s why:

  • Reputation and Experience - Rightworks has been helping accounting firms and small businesses experience the value of being cloud-connected for over 15 years. They combine unmatched knowledge of accounting and tax applications with world-class cloud technology for over 5,000 accounting firms and 50,000 small businesses. With Rightworks, you will experience the next level of cloud-based services, including state-of-the-art architecture, robust backup and security services, a self-service administration portal and 40 GB of storage per USER!
  • Extensive Testing - The Drake applications are extensively tested on the Rightworks platform. We have worked hand-in-hand with their engineers to ensure the Drake applications and related peripheral devices are evaluated for functionality and performance.
  • Supported By Drake’s Service Team - The Drake Support team you’ve come to know and trust will provide the customer and technical support services for your Rightworks account.  Whether you need to discuss the tax software, accounting software or the hosting service, you’ll call Drake Support and talk with service representatives who are trained and well-versed on the Rightworks platform.
  • Collaboration - Drake and Rightworks will be working closely on software application and platform integration to ensure smooth upgrades, application installs and onboarding.

Regarding other hosting services:

  • We only test Drake Tax and Drake Accounting on Rightworks. We do not test the applications on any other services.
  • We work closely with Rightworks on software releases, upgrades, architecture changes, compatibility issues, peripheral devices and platform integration. We do not coordinate changes or troubleshoot issues with any other services.
  • We provide support for both the Drake applications and the Rightworks platform. We are unable to provide support for any other hosting services.

More reasons why we have chosen Rightworks:

  • QuickBooks Integration - For those of you who haven’t switched from QuickBooks to Drake Accounting yet, Rightworks is an Elite Partner in the Intuit QuickBooks Solutions Provider Program and a Microsoft Silver Partner. They can add QuickBooks hosting to your Drake Hosting Account so you can access both applications from the same cloud interface. You can bring your existing licenses to Rightworks, or license the applications directly through them. They currently support QuickBooks Desktop licenses for 2018, 2019 and 2020. More information is available here.
  • Scalability and Availability - Rightworks has proprietary virtualization technology that allows them infinite scale and the ability to avoid scheduled downtime, essentially making the service always on and available.
  • Security Procedures - Rightworks has security procedures in place not typically implemented in a single tenant environment.   Many hosting providers out there are single tenant and dedicated environments and allow their customers to manage the environment on their own. This can lead to the greater possibility of significant security breaches (Cetrom, Summit Hosting, Cloud 9, InSynq - now Summit).  We’re not saying this couldn’t happen on Rightworks, but they have designed their system for containing anything that might happen.  Rightworks has passed the security audits of the largest enterprises in North America including 40 of the top 100 firms in the U.S.
  • Focus on Accounting and Tax - Many other providers are generalists.  They don’t focus solely on providing the best hosting experience for tax and accounting applications like Rightworks does.

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