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16938: States Generally - Generating and e-Filing Amended Individual Returns

State Returns Generally

How do I generate an amendment for an individual state return? Can it be e-filed?

Listed below are the locations in Data Entry where you can mark a state return as Amended. Federal Form 1040-X can be e-filed, however, only certain state amended returns are eligible for e-filing. The e-filing column is for the current tax year program and may not be applicable to prior years. See state-specific help for more information. Additional states may enable e-filing at a later date or may not be available in prior years of Drake Tax. 

State Where to Generate Amendment  Can Be E-Filed
AL AL > Other tab > X screen No
AR AR > Other tab > X screen Yes
AZ AZ > Miscellaneous tab > X and XEXP screens No
CA CA > Other tab > X screen  Yes
CO CO > Other tab > X screen  Yes
CT CT > Other tab > X screen  No
DC DC > Other tab > X screen  Yes
DE DE > Other tab > X or 2X screen No 
GA GA > Other tab > X screen  Yes
HI HI > General tab > AMD screen  Yes
IA IA > Other tab > 102 screen Yes
ID ID > screen 1 > Fill out the Amended Only section Yes
IL IL > Other tab > X and X2 screen Yes
IN IN > Other tab > X screen Yes
KS KS > Other tab > X screen  Yes
KY KY > Other tab > X screen Yes
LA LA > Other tab > LAX screen  Yes
MA MA > screen 1 > ​choose Return Type Yes
MD MD > Other tab > X screen  Yes
ME ME > Other tab > X screen Yes
MI MI > Other tab > X screen  Yes
MN MN > Other tab > X screen  No
MO MO > screen 1 >  Amended Return checkbox then the X screen to complete lines 42 and 43. Yes
MS MS > Other tab > X screen  Yes
MT MT > Other tab > AMD, AMD2 screens Yes
NC NC > Other tab > X screen  Yes
ND ​ND > ND1 ​screen ​> ​check one of the Amended Return checkboxes then complete the Other tab > AMD screen.  Yes 
NE NE > Other tab > X, X2, X3 screens  No
NH NH > screen 1 > Amended checkbox  Yes
NJ NJ > Other tab > X screen  Yes
NM NM > Other tab > X screen No
NV NV > TXR screen > Amended Return checkbox No
NY NY > Other tab > X1, X2, X3, X4 screens  Yes
OH OH > Other tab > X screen Yes
OK OK > 511 screen > Filing an Amended return field then the 511X or NRX screen.  Yes
OR* OR > Other tab > X1 screen Yes
PA PA > Other tab > X screen  Yes
RI RI > Other tab > X screen  Yes
SC SC > Other tab > X screen  Yes
TN TN > Interest and Dividends tab > 170 screen > Amended return checkbox Yes
TX TX > screen 1 > Amended Return checkbox No
UT UT > Other tab > 40X screen  Yes
VA VA > Other tab > X screen  Yes
VT VT > screen 1 > Amended Returns section  Yes
WA WA > General tab > MAIN screen checkbox and link for amended explanation.   Yes
WI WI > Other tab > X screen  Yes
WV WV > General tab > screen 140 > Amended field; WV > Other > X3 screen No

*You can generate the amended returns for Portland, Oregon Forms MC40 and MC40NP, MET40 and MET40NP, METBIT-20, METBIT-20S, METBIT-41, or METBIT-65 in Drake Tax, however, they must be paper-filed at this time. Be sure to include a written statement with the reason for the amendment and the dollar amounts changed. This statement can be generated in any word editor and then printed for paper-filing. 

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