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18251: 2023.08.04 - Drake22 Updates

Drake22 Update Notes

2023.08.04 - Drake22 Updates


New York Update 28

  • Individual Package:
    • The correct amount of net earning from self-employment will now be generated on line 10 of Form IT-203-A when the following items are present on federal screen K1P: Section 179 deduction 
    • Unreimbursed partnership expenses

North Carolina Update 15

  • Individual Package 
    • The "Interest Calculation" percentage rate is now 7% on the NC Penalty and Interest Worksheet (NC PEN).

Pennsylvania Update 25

  • Individual Package:
    • The Employee Business Expenses worksheet (PAWK2106) is now automatically attached to the return as a PDF when "Include 2106 & all OVERFLOWs as PDFs" is selected on PA screen PRNT.
    • EF Message 0215 is no longer produced for nonresident and part-year PA returns when a federal Schedule C belonging to another state is included in the return.
  • Corporation and S Corporation Packages: 
    • The intended due date is now produced for fiscal-year returns.

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