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18288: 2023.09.13 - Drake22 Updates

Drake22 Update Notes

2023.09.13 - Drake22 Updates


Iowa Update 45

  • Individual Package:
    • IA Return Notes 0500 and 0900 have been updated.
  • Corporation Package:
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "Interest, TotalAmountDue, Overpayment" on IA Form 1120. 
    • IA EF Message 0063 is now produced when IA Schedule F is produced with no amounts present on IA screen F, preventing reject "DRKPARSE" on element "SchF."
  • Partnership Package:
    • An update resolves reject "DRKPARSE" when there are negative amounts on IA Schedule K-1. 
    • The intended amounts are now produced in column G, page 3, of IA Form PTE-C when an amount is entered on line 18, "Iowa Modifications," of IA screen K.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • The intended amount of characters are now produced on line "Representative identification number" of IA Form 1041 when "IAN" is selected on IA screen 1.
    • All IA Schedule K-1s are now grouped together on the forms tree in View/Print mode. 
    • The "Residency Status" entered on IA screen 1 now flows as intended to the "Residency Status" on IA Form 1041, preventing reject "DRKPARSE" on element "Resident, NonOrPartyearResident."
  • S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages: 
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "OverpaymentAppliedToNext" on IA Form IA PTE-C.

Kansas Update 24

  • Corporation Package:
    • An "Accepted" status is no longer displayed on the Calculation Results window for untransmitted "KS120X AMD" returns.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • The correct amount is now produced on line 3, "Kansas taxable income," of KS Form K-41 for KS residents.
  • Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages:
    • The interest rate for late payments has been updated to 0.5% per month.

Maine Update 23

  • Individual Package:
    • The expected tax amount is now calculated on line 12 of ME Annualized Income Installment Worksheet for Underpayment of Estimated Tax (ME 2210A).
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "TotIncome" when there are no amounts on line 1 of ME Schedule PTFC/STFC.

City of Detroit 26

  • S Corporation Package Update
    • "Check if this is an amended return" check box on MI Form 5297 is now marked as expected when entries are made on DT screen AMD.

North Carolina Update 17

  • Fiduciary Package 
    • EF Message 0220 is now produced when the phone number is missing on federal screen PIN, preventing NC reject "NCFIN-1060."

North Dakota Update 25

  • Individual Package: 
    • The "Renaissance Zone City" drop list on ND screen RZ2 now functions as intended.
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "TOTPAYMENTS" when a negative amount is present on line 28, "Total payments," of ND Form ND-1.
  • Fiduciary Package: 
    • The expected ND Form 38 extended due date is now displayed on the filing instructions.

Ohio Update 19

  • Individual Package: 
    • Amounts entered on line "Taxes paid to locality" on OH screen WKSB now flows as intended to OH City returns.
  • S Corporation and Partnership Packages:
    • Partners and shareholders with two first names entered on federal screen K1 (1065 package) and screen K1E (1120-S package) are now produced as intended on page 5 of OH Form IT 4738.

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