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18535: 2024.04.16 - Drake23 Updates

Drake Tax Update Notes

2024.04.16 - Drake23 Updates


District of Columbia Update 7

  • Individual Package:
    • The taxable income limitations for DC Schedule ELC have been updated to the latest version.

Maine Update 23

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Form 1041ME-EXT is now generated as expected.

Montana Update 18

  • Individual Package:
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "AdditionalIncome" regarding MT Schedule 1.
    • EF Message 0046 is now produced when a negative amount is entered on line 1, "Capital gains tax credit," of MT screen 2, preventing reject "DRKPARSE" on element "Secondary."

North Dakota Update 13

  • Individual Package:
    • EF Message 0021 is no longer produced when code "42029 - McClusky 29" is selected from the "School District Code" drop list on ND screen ND1.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Return Note 2 is no longer produced when "Nonresident" is selected on ND screen 1.

Pennsylvania Update 22

  • Individual Package:
    • EF Message 0259 is now produced when required information is missing on PA-40 Schedule D.
    • EF Message 0892 has been removed from the program.
    • An EF Message is no longer produced when a foreign address is entered on PA screen 19.
    • Like-kind exchanges on PA-40 Schedule D are now treated like federal deferral of gain/loss on like-kind exchange under IRC Section 1031 rules beginning in 2023.
    • Text has been updated on PA screen SIT.
    • PA Form PLSIT is now produced when either "PHT" or ''PHS" is selected from the "T or S" drop list on federal screen STEX.

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