Flagging and Clearing Flagged Fields (Globally or Per-Return)

You can use global and per-return flag options to highlight a screen that may need entries or review. 


This article is about flagged Data Entry fields. For information about using DoubleCheck® to flag lines in Enhanced View, see Related Links below.

Global Flagging

Global flagging allows the administrator to choose fields that the preparer must look at on each return or screen. There are two types of global flags:

  • Flag For Review When Return Is Created
  • Flag For Review When Screen Is Created

Flag For Review When Return Is Created

This form of global flagging requires the preparer to open the flagged screen and clear the fields before e-filing.

  • Fields can be flagged for new or newly updated returns. When a return is created or updated from the prior year (after the setting is enabled), the screen link is highlighted on the data entry menu for screens containing the fields.
  • This applies even if the screen was not present in that return in the prior year. If the entire screen is not needed, you can delete the screen instead of verifying it. 
  • If a screen is necessary to the return and an uncleared flag exists on it, (1) a message is generated preventing e-file, and (2) the screen is highlighted in green on the Data Entry menu.
  • If the screen is not necessary to the return, until you begin data entry on that screen an uncleared flag does not generate a message, and the screen is not green highlighted on the Data Entry menu.

Flag For Review When Screen Is Created

This form of global flagging does not require the preparer to open the flagged screen. If the screen is opened, however, the flagged fields must be cleared before e-filing.

  • Fields can be flagged on new or existing returns. The screen link is not highlighted on the data entry menu unless the screen is opened.
  • An "unverified fields" message is produced only if the screen is opened and the flagged fields are not subsequently cleared.

Note: Even if you do not have a global flag set, your returns may display flags for certain fields due to state update limitations and requirements, see KB 18331 for details.

To configure either global flag option, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Drake Tax as an admin user. 
  2. Go to Setup > Options > Administrative Options.
  3. Select Use customized flagged fields on all returns.
  4. Click the Flag button.
  5. Select the return type that you want to flag a field in.
  6. Access the desired screen.
  7. Right-click the desired field and choose the flag option:
    • To have the software flag the field and change the font color of the screen name to green when the return is created, choose F2 or Flag For Review When Return Is Created.
    • To have the software only flag a field when the screen itself is created, choose Flag For Review When Screen Is Created.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as needed. 
  9. Exit back to the Administrative Options screen and click OK to save the settings.

To apply your global flagging setup to returns updated from last year, select Apply current-year Admin flag settings when updating from prior year on the Setup > Options > Administrative Options tab 

Watch the video Administrative Options Setup for a demonstration.

Manually Flagging Fields Inside Data Entry

To flag a single field in data entry, click inside the field and press F2 on your keyboard, or right-click and choose Flag for Review from the menu. You can flag entry fields and check boxes as needed. These flags are only applied to the single return.

Clearing Flagged Fields

To clear a flagged field, there are a few options: 

  • Open the screen with a flagged field, then either:
    • Locate the box and verify each field by pressing F4 on your keyboard,
    • Right-click and choose Remove Flag from the menu,
    • Press CTRL + Shift + Space to clear all flags on this screen.
  • From data entry, not inside any particular screen:
    • press CTRL + Shift + Space. This will clear all flagged fields on the return, except for the Federal ES screen.
    • Right-click and choose Clear All Flags Except Federal ES Screen from the menu.

If you purchased the PPR or Drake Tax 1040 Package you will not be able to click into the SSN/EIN field (if flagged) to verify it directly as it is grayed out.

See KB articles 13109 and 13015 for more information about color coded fields.