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How do I resolve EF Message 0691?

EF Message 0691 occurs when the Federal payment amount entered on the PMT screen is more than 200% of the amount due on the return:

  • Form 1040, line 37 in Drake20 and future
  • Form 1040, line 23 in Drake19
  • Form 1040, line 22 in Drake18
  • Form 1040, line 78 for Drake17 and prior

EF Message 0691 states:

EXCEEDS PAYMENT LIMIT: The federal payment amount flowing from the PMT screen cannot exceed 200% of the calculated amount owed on the return.

For example: If the amount owed on the return is $1,000, the amount entered in the "Federal payment amount" override field on screen PMT cannot be greater than $2,000.     

The red message often occurs after an extension with payment is filed, when an entry is present in the Amount paid with extension field on the EXT screen, that reduces the amount owed on the return below 50% of the amount still shown on the PMT screen.

If the taxpayer is paying the amount due electronically and chooses to include the calculated penalty and interest amount, the total federal payment amount (override) entered on the PMT screen cannot exceed 200% of the amount calculated on Form 1040. 

To clear this EF message, the PMT screen should be either:

  • Deleted, or
  • Modified as needed so the Federal payment amount is not more than 200% of the amount owed on the 1040.

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