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10864: States Generally - Preparer Name Not Flowing

State Returns Generally

Why is my preparer information not flowing to the state return?

There are several things that can prevent preparer info from flowing to the state return. Listed below are some steps to take to resolve this:

  1. On the Home window menu bar, select Setup > Preparer(s) to open the Preparer Setup dialog box.
  2. Select the preparer involved and click Edit Preparer. To the right under Return Signature Options, make sure the Alternative Electronic Signature box has been selected.

  1. On the Home window menu bar, select Setup > Options and select the States tab. From the drop list choose the state and look for an option to Enable Alternative Electronic Signature. If available, select that option. Click OK to save your changes. 

Note: Not all states have this option.

  1. Open the return and select the States tab. Select the state involved. Some states will have a check box on the first or second screen to Enable Alternative Electronic Signature. Select to enable that option.

  1.  Ensure that the preparer is selected on screen 1 in the Preparer # override field. If NONE is selected instead of a properly set up preparer, no preparer information will flow to the state or federal returns. 

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