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11000: Admin Option - Charging All Taxpayers the Same Fee

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How do I determine whether I should select the option to charge all taxpayers the same fee?

This option appears on the Administrative Options tab at Setup > Options (admin login required).

Some states put restrictions on what types of additional fees may be charged for taxpayers with bank products. Those states are Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, and New York. For Maine, preparers should contact the banking commission for details on any restrictions. Click the Program Help link on the Administrative Options tab for more information. 

Watch the video Administrative Options Setup for a demonstration.

If you are in a restricted state, the setting is enabled by default. Selecting or clearing it on Setup > Options has no effect. You are in a restricted state if that state appears in ANY of your state address fields on the Support website.  

The option affects the fees listed below. For preparers in a restricted state, and for preparers who have selected the option, the fees listed below are charged to all clients, regardless of whether the client has opted for a bank product. The descriptions and amounts shown on the bill cannot be changed. These fees are withdrawn from the taxpayer's bank product if there is one. Otherwise, they appear on the Bill and it is the preparer's responsibility to collect them.

  • Software fee
  • Franchise/network fees (indicated at Setup > ERO)
  • Additional (add-on) fees (indicated at Setup > Firm)

Note: the preparer keeps any fees collected from taxpayers who do not apply for a bank product, including the software fee. 

For more information regarding allowable fees for returns filed in Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland, Maine, Connecticut or New York, see the state info and Related Links below:

Code 7040 B-ack 

If any of your Drake Software account addresses are in a restricted state and your ERO setup address is in a non-restricted state, you may receive a Drake B-ack like the following one for returns with a bank product:

Code: 7040

Message: Add On fee does not match bank app, expected 0.00

  • You need to verify all of the state fields on your account information located under the Support website > Account > Account Info and Bank Application pages.  If the states listed are correct, you may resolve this Drake reject by selecting Charge ALL taxpayers the same fees... under Setup > Options > Administrative Options.  Click OK, then re-calculate and re-transmit the impacted return(s).
  • If you have a typo in the state field on your account page, correct the state field and save your changes.  You will need to wait at least 15 minutes and then click on the CONFIRM button in Setup > Firm(s) to pull in the restricted state in the Special Pricing ST field located on the Banking tab on Firm Setup.  Be sure to Save your changes before leaving the screen. 

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