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10847: Form 9325 or EF Notice - Notifying a Taxpayer after IRS Acceptance

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What form shows acks? How do I notify a taxpayer that their return has been accepted? Is there an automatic process?

There are two options in Setup > Options > EF related to notifying a taxpayer that their return has been accepted. If Print 9325 when eligible for EF is selected, either Form 9325 (individual returns) or EF Notice (business returns) is produced in View/Print mode. Both forms show that the return was transmitted through the software and processed by the IRS. You can also select to have an e-file acceptance notification automatically emailed to the taxpayer (Email 9325 Notice to Taxpayer).

If you want the form to show in View/Print mode, go to Setup > Options > EF tab and select Print 9325 when eligible for EF.

  • This option displays an incomplete Form 9325 or EF Notice in View/Print when the return is eligible for e-file.
  • The form is completed when you retrieve and process the IRS acceptance under the EF menu. The form should not be printed and delivered to the taxpayer until the return is accepted.
  • The full Submission ID does not appear in View/Print mode, but the SID can be completed manually after printing the form, if desired.
If you would like e-file acceptance notifications to be automatically emailed to a taxpayer, go to Setup > Options > EF tab, and select Email 9325 Notice to Taxpayer (automatic from Drake Processing Center).
  • This option allows Drake Software to email a completed Form 9325 or EF Notice to the taxpayer when a return is accepted, but only if both of the following are true:
    • The setup option is checked before the return is e-filed
    • A valid email address is entered on screen 1 (or screen equivalent)
  • The email "from" address is the Email address shown in Company Information > Contact located on the Support website > Account > Account Info page. You can log in to the Support website, go to Account > Account Info, and enter a separate Form 9325 "From" email address if needed.
  • The Submission ID is displayed on the emailed copy of Form 9325 or EF Notice in block 2.
  • An override of the global setup option is available for a 1040 return on the EF screen. Under Additional Options, make a selection from the Email 9325 notice to taxpayer drop list.


  • Form 9325 can also be printed from the Support website > Reports > E-file Detail Lookup.
  • Form 9325 and EF Notice are only shown for extensions and the regular return.
  • Amended returns are not included on Form 9325 or the EF Notice page.
  • Email notifications are not sent for accepted extensions.
  • Boxes 3 - 5 are not completed by Drake Software.
  • Automatic emailing of the EF Notice is available starting with Drake23; in prior years it was not able to be automatically sent to business taxpayers.

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