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11791: Railroad W-2

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How do I enter a railroad W-2?

 A "Railroad W2" is a standard IRS Form W-2 issued to an employee covered by the Railroad Retirement Act (RRTA). You will see the following differences from the usual W-2:

  • Boxes 3 through 7 are blank.
  • Instead, box 14 Other reports “RRTA compensation,” “Tier I tax,” “Tier II tax,” “Medicare tax,” and “Additional Medicare Tax.”

See General Instructions for Forms W-2 and W-3.

On screen W2, enter only Tier I and Tier II withholding. In box 14 Other, enter RRT1 or RRT2 in the first field and the amount withheld in the second. Press F1 to see the Help screens for the box 14 fields.

For Recovery of excess RRTA withholding, see Related Links below.

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