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12215: Bank Status Codes

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What do these codes mean in relation to bank products or refund status (check status)? 


The following codes are used to indicate the status of a bank product RT or Advance product: 

A Approved
B RT Approved/Payment received
C RT Duplicate Application
D RT Declined
E RT Approved awaiting IRS payment
E Accepted NOW product - check print authorized (Refundo ONLY)
G RT Approved Direct Deposit
H Approved RT/ERC/ERD
I If a post-ack, this means "IRS Paid Bank - Bank to Print Check"
If a pre-ack, this means "advance approved"
J Adjustment Check
L Re-issue OK - Bank to Print Check
N Payment received on ERD
O IRS Paid Bank -Tax Office to Print Check
P RT received - Bank to Print Check
R RT Reissue Approved
r Bank Contacting Taxpayer (Republic Bank 032)
T Deposit Received - SVC
U Payment Does Not Cover Fees
V Payment received - additional disbursement/card
W Walmart Direct2Cash Disbursement (also called Token Disbursement)
x Multiple Pre-Ack transmissions (Republic Bank 019)

The following codes are used to indicate the status of a check or refund amount: 

A Check authorized
a Check print record accepted by bank
C Check cleared
P Print or reprint of original client check
w Walmart Direct2Cash disbursement (also called Token Disbursement)
X Print or reprint of subsequent check
* Bank is printing the check
*Card Taxpayer’s refund has been sent to a debit card
*dd Taxpayer's refund has been sent to their indicated bank account by direct deposit

These lists are available in the software under EF > Search EF Database, on the F4 – Reject Code Lookup tab. Select the radio button Bank Codes and choose either Loan Status Codes or Check Status Codes in the Category drop list.

Note: You must have filed at least one live or test return (to establish an EF database in the software) for the Search EF Database function to be available.

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