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15170: 1040 - Printing a Bank Check


How do I print my client's check from the bank?


Once your acknowledgements are processed by going to EF > Process Acks, you will use the following steps:

Note: If you use Refundo or Refund Advantage, the checks are not printed through Drake Software. You will use their check print utilities to print your client's bank check.

  1. EF > Check Print to open the check selector.

    In Drake20, you can also open the check selector by clicking the hyperlink on the main screen.

  2. Select the client(s) you are going to print the check(s) for and click continue.

    Note: If you have not set up your check range yet, the software will prompt you to do so once you click Continue. See Related Links for more information on setting up the check range.
  3. Select the desired option under Check Options and click Continue.

  4. A dialogue box will come up asking you to print the check. It is recommended that you print a test check first as to make sure the orientation for your paper and printer are correct.
    Note: To print a test check, go to EF > Check Print. If you do not see Test at the bottom of the screen, click Reprint Checks.

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