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15736: 94x - Paid Preparer Setup (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I set up my paid preparer information so it will show at the bottom of my 94x forms? 


In DAS19 and prior, the paid preparer information is entered on the Paid Preparer Setup screen under the Firm menu.  Beginning in DAS20, the paid preparer information is integrated with the User Setup under the Firm menu.  This information is available for global use and is not client specific. 

To enter preparer information, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Firm menu, then select User Setup.  (Firm > Paid Preparer Setup in DAS19 and prior)
  2. Select New to enter a new preparer or select a preparer's name in the top section of the window to edit.
  3. Select the Preparer Information tab and enter the following information:
    • (DAS19) Preparer Code - Enter the preparer code.  Preparer codes are alpha-numeric and can be up to 20 characters long.
    • (DAS19) Preparer Name - Enter the name of the preparer that will be completing the 94x series tax returns.
    • Title - Enter the title of the preparer.
    • Firm Name - If the preparer works for a firm, enter the name of the firm.  If the preparer is self - employed, enter the preparer's name.
    • Preparer PTIN - Enter the preparer's PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number).
    • Federal ID - If the preparer works for a firm, enter the firm's EIN.  Do not include dashes.  The number is formatted when the screen is saved.
    • Address - Enter the full address of the preparer.
    • Zip Code - Enter the preparer's Zip Code and the City and State auto-fill.
    • Phone/Fax - Enter the phone/fax number for the preparer.
    • (DAS19) Email - enter the email for the preparer.
    • Self-Employed - Select this option if the preparer is self-employed and doesn't work for a firm.
    • Signature - Select or set up an electronic signature for the preparer if applicable.
  4. Enter the following on the Preparer Options tab (Third Party Designee and State Information sections in DAS19 and prior).
    • Allow Third Party Designee - By selecting Allow Third Party Designee, you authorize the IRS to talk to the designee about 94x returns.  The Designee Name and PIN fields become active when the Allow option is selected.
      • If this is enabled, when you select the Paid preparer in the drop list on the form creation, the third party designee info will also populate on the form. 
    • Designee Name/Designee Phone - Enter the designee's name and daytime phone number.
    • Designee PIN - Enter a 5-digit self-selected numeric PIN for the Third Party Designee.
    • Maine License Number - Enter the Maine License Number for the preparer if applicable.
    • NYTPRIN - Enter the New York Tax Preparer Registration Identification Number (TPRIN) for the preparer if applicable.
  5. Select Save.
    • Repeat steps 2-4 as needed to continue adding preparers.
  6. Select Exit when you have finished editing or adding preparers.​


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