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15748: Non-negotiable Check Overprint Indicates Direct Deposit (DAS)


Drake Accounting®Why is "Non-negotiable" printing on employee or vendor checks?

Direct deposit. "Non-negotiable" prints across the check if the employee or vendor payroll was set up for Direct Deposit at the time the check was created. When you create a check (Employees > Payroll or Payables > Payments) that is to be directly deposited, a negotiable check is not needed, so the check is marked "Non-negotiable" when you print it.

To remove the Direct Deposit Payroll option:

  • For an employee, go to Employees > Employee Setup, select the employee, and on the Direct Deposit tab, clear the Direct Deposit Payroll Checks option.
  • For a vendor, go to Payables > Vendor Setup, select the vendor, and on the Direct Deposit tab, clear the Direct Deposit Payroll Checks option.

This removes the "Non-negotiable" overprint from checks created after clearing the Direct Deposit Payroll Checks option.

Checks created before the option is cleared will display the overprint when the check is printed. For checks created before the option was cleared, and checks printed with the overprint, the check must be deleted and reentered after the option is cleared.

Test print. "Non-negotiable" also prints on the check if you test a pre-printed check using the Test print only option (Employee or Vendor, when printing or reprinting checks). 

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