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15763: TIN Masking Options for Forms W2/1099/1098 (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How can I mask the TIN on Forms 1099, 1098, or W-2? 

The option Mask ID on 1099/1098 is available from the Client > Add or Edit window, on the Federal Form Setup tab. 

The option Mask ID on W-2 is available from the Client > Add or Edit window, on the Federal Form Setup tab. 

A masked ID number prints with an X in the first five positions, with only the last four visible (i.e. XXX-XX-1234). 


  • The IRS requires the full ID number to be displayed on Copy A or Copy 1, therefore, masking will not be applied to either copy.
  • Masking does not apply to the filer's TIN.
    • Per the instructions: "A filer's TIN may not be truncated on any form."
  • Masking is not allowed on Form W-2G.
    • Per the instructions: "Filers of information returns are permitted to truncate a payee's TIN (SSN, ITIN, ATIN, or EIN) on most payee statements. The payee's TIN may not be truncated on Form W2-G." 

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