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18380: 2024.01.16 - Drake23 Updates

Drake Tax Update Notes

2024.01.16 - Drake23 Updates

General State Update 2

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • ME worksheet MEWK_1AS has been added to Setup > Pricing.
  • Individual Package:
    • MN worksheet MNWK_QRB, Qualified Retirement Benefits Worksheet, has been added to Setup > Pricing.

Massachusetts Update 3

  • Individual Package:
    • The limit amount on line 2, "Homeowners only, enter assessed value of principal residence as of January 1, 2023," of MA Schedule CB has been updated.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • MA Long-Term Capital Losses Applied Against Interest Worksheet (MA 2WKLLT) is now produced when the following occurs:
      • An amount greater than "0" (zero) is present on line 28, page 2, of MA Scheduled B
      • An amount is present on line 13, "Long-term capital gains on collectibles..," of MA Schedule B 
    • The check box on line 29, "Net Part A 8.5% and 12% capital gain income taxable to fiduciary," of MA Form 2 is now marked as intended when there is an amount greater than "0" (zero) on line 13, "Net Part B 5.0% income taxable to fiduciary," of MA Form 2. 
    • The following MA forms are now approved for e-filing:
      • MA Form 2 
      • MA Form 2G

Michigan Update 2

  • Individual Package:
    • The Tier 2 Michigan Standard Deduction will now be calculated on MI Schedule 1 (Form 3423) when the spouse is the older of the taxpayer and spouse and qualifies for the deduction.
    • The text on line 7b of MI Worksheet 2: Tier 2 and Tier 3 Michigan Standard Deduction (MIWK_2) has been updated.

Minnesota Update 2

  • Individual Package:
    • The amount from line 33, "Subtraction for one-time refund," of MN Form M1PR is now included on line 10, "Total other subtractions," as expected.
    • The field "Total qualified public service-related pension payments" has been added to MN screen M. When data is entered in this field, M1M Worksheet Line 29 is produced. 
    • The Minnesota Child Tax Credit on Schedule M1CWFC will now be calculated on returns that have no earned income but otherwise qualify for the credit. 
    • Dependents with a relationship of "Grandchild" will now be marked as a "qualifying child" or "qualifying older child" on Schedule M1DQC.

North Carolina Update 2

  • Partnership Package
    • Taxes are no longer calculated on line 18 "Tax Due," section C of Part 4, on NC Form D-403 for partners who are NC residents.

New Jersey Update 1

  • Individual Package: 
    • Amounts have been updated on the following lines of NJ Worksheet L:
    • Line 7, "Enter the amount listed for the size of your tax household," of Part II
    • Line 12, "Enter the amount listed for the size of your tax household," of Part III - NJ Worksheet L, Shared Responsibility Payment Calculation (NJ WKL), has been updated to the latest version.
    • The penalty is no longer produced on line 53c, "Shared Responsibility Payment," of NJ Form NJ-1040 when NJ screen EZE is completed. 
    • e-File specifications have been updated per recent NJ guidelines.
    • The field "NJ Ovarian Cancer Research Fund" has been added to NJ screen CON. 
    • NJ 2D barcode specification have been updated, and the following NJ forms have been approved for e-file: 
      • NJ-1040-ES
      • NJ-1040NR
      • NJ-1040-NR-V
      • NJ-1040-V
      • NJ-1041
      • NJ-1041-V
      • NJ-630-V
      • NJ-EZ
  • S Corporation Package:
    • The amount entered on Part V, Line E, "Share of Pass-Through Business Alternative Income Tax," on NJ screen K1 now flows as intended to column E, part V, page 10, of NJ Form CBT-100S. 
    • Negative numbers are no longer allowed on line 43, "Allocated Entire Net Income," page 4, of NJ Form CBT-100S, preventing reject "DRKPARSE."

Ohio Update 5

  • Individual Package:
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "NonResidentCredit."
  • Fiduciary Package: 
    • OH Form IT 1041 has been approved for printing.

Oklahoma Update 1

  • Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages: 
    • The OK Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership packages have been approved and activated for e-file. The watermark has been removed from OK Forms 513 and 513-NR.

General Program Update 5

  • 2022 "Fee override" data entered on screen 1 now updates correctly to the following fields in Drake Tax 2023: 
  • "Fee" on screen ADMN - "2022 prep fee" on screen MISC 
  • Applicable 2022 state ID numbers entered on screen W2 (states whose DORs do not allow state ID numbers to be updated from year-to-year) are no longer updated to screen W2 in Drake Tax 2023.

Washington Update 1

  • Individual Package: 
    • e-File specifications have been updated per WA guidelines, preventing reject "DRKPARSE" on element "AuthenticationHeader."
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "NoUBADisbursementCdSubmit" when "Mail Check" is selected on WA screen MAIN.
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "NoUBADisbursementCdSubmit" when "Prepaid Debit Card" is selected on WA screen MAIN.

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