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18384: 2024.01.18 - Drake23 Updates

Drake Tax Update Notes

2024.01.18 - Drake23 Updates

General State Programming Update 4

  • Individual Package:
    • EF Message 9122 will no longer be generated when no information is entered in box 14 of federal screen W2.
    • Wisconsin has been added to the Free File Alliance program.

Federal Program Update 6

  • General program update.

California Update 2

  • Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages:
    • The following forms and schedules have been approved by the CA Franchise Tax Board and activated for printing: 
      • 100
      • 100S
      • 100-ES
      • 199
      • 3541
      • 3804
      • 3809
      • 3840
      • 3853
      • 5805
      • C(100S)
      • CA(540)
      • CA(540NR)
      • Schedule H (100)
      • Schedule H (100S)
      • Schedule K-1 (568)
      • Schedule P (540NR)
      • Schedule R
  • S Corporation and Partnership Packages:
    • Estimate amounts from the CA Form 3893 (PTE) ES voucher are now displayed as intended on the Summary Results Letter.
    • An EF Message is now produced when attempting to e-file estimated payments without an officer phone number, preventing reject "DRKPARSE" on element "PaymentInformation."

1040 Program Update 7

  • An EF Message is now produced when two Forms 5695 are present in the return. These returns must be paper filed.

1065 Program Update 5

  • The following items have been updated on screen K:
    • Link "QBI SA" on all tabs
    • Line 8, "Net short-term capital gain (loss)," on the "Income" tab
    • Line 9a, "Net long-term capital gain (loss)," on the "Income" tab
    • Line ZZ, "Section 754 depreciation/amortization," on the "Deductions" tab
    • Line AE, "Deductions - portfolio income," has been added to the "13e - Other Deductions" section on the "Deductions" tab of screen K.
  • The following fields have been added to screen 2553:
    • Line B, "Date incorporated"
    • Line C, "State of incorporation"

North Dakota Update2

  • Individual Package:
    • Entries made on ND screen SK1 now flow as intended to ND Schedule K-1 (Form 60).

General Program Update 7

  • Individual Package:
    • Nonresident city returns are now produced when corresponding city data is entered on applicable income source document screens.

1120S Program Update 7

  • General program update.

Tennessee Update 1

  • Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • e-File specifications have been updated per recent TN guidelines.

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