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18412: 2024.02.03 - Drake23 Updates

Drake Tax Update Notes

2024.02.03 - Drake23 Updates


Alabama Update 2

  • Corporation Package:
    • AL Form 20C has been approved for e-file by the AL DOR and is now available.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Wash sales and other 8949 adjustments are now calculated as intended on AL Schedule D (Form 41), preventing reject "AL SG-AL41-032."
    • AL Form 41 has been approved for e-file by the AL DOR and is now available.

General State Programming Update 8

  • Iowa:
    • Individual Package:
      • School district tax rates have been updated for Form IA 1040.

Delaware Update 2

  • Individual Package
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on elements "SectionD" and "SectionE" when filing DE Forms PIT-RES and PIT-NON.

1040 Program Update

  • Credit Limit Worksheet B ("Wks 8812 - CTC" in View/Print mode) is now produced when a Residential Clean Energy Credit is carried forward from a prior year and no additional Residential Clean Energy Credit is granted in 2023. Returns containing both the Residential Clean Energy Credit and Child Tax Credit should be reviewed for accuracy.

Indiana Update 5

  • Individual Package:
    • Payment due dates have been updated for the following forms:
      • Individual Post Filing Coupon Voucher (PFC_V)
      • Individual Post Filing Coupon Voucher (PFC_V2)
  • S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages:
    • EF Message 0027 is now produced when an negative amount is entered on lines 5, 6, or 7, "Addback/Deduction," on IN screen K1.
    • The 600-series codes in the "Addback/Deduction" drop lists on IN screen K1 have been updated and are now included in the calculation on line 8, "Total distributive share of modifications," of Schedule IN K-1.
  • S Corporation and Partnership Package:
    • IN Schedule PTET has been added to the S Corporation and Partnership packages. Electronic filing will be available once the approval process has been completed.

Michigan Update 8

  • Individual Package
    • Retirement and pension benefits are now produced on Section A of MI Form 4884 when the taxpayer's date of birth on federal screen 1 is before January 1, 1946, for Married Filing Jointly returns, preventing MI reject 130.
  • Common Cities
    • Individual Package:
      • The intended payment method is now displayed on the MI cities filing instructions for MI cities that have been approved for e-file.

Missouri Update 4

  • Individual Package:
    • The "Late filing penalties and interest" field has been removed from MO screen 2.

North Dakota Update 6

  • Corporation Package:
    • The balance due for ND Form 40X returns is now displayed on ND Form 40-EPV when applicable.
    • The North Dakota Direct Debit Detail Electronic Funds Withdrawal (ND_ACH) document is no longer produced for ND Form 40X returns.
    • ND Form 40X has been approved for paper-file and the watermark has been removed.

New York Update 5

  • Individual Package:
    • The watermark for form IT-213, Claim for Empire State Child Credit, has been removed. E-file message page 323 will no longer generate when the form is present in the return.

Ohio Update  13

  • Individual Package:
    • Drake Software DIY users can now file Ohio IT 1040 returns.

Washington Update 5

  • Individual Package:
    • Qualified credits are now produced as intended on the Working Families Tax Credit Application (WAWFTC).

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