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10088: 1040 - K1 Code Data Entry

K1 Entries

Some lines on the K-1 do not have corresponding fields and/or codes in the K-1 in data entry. How do I enter this information on the individual (1040) return? 

Some K1 codes are not available in the drop list in data entry as there may be additional entries needed for an amount to be calculated or flow to the return. If an entry on the K1P (K1 from a 1065 return), K1S (K1 from an 1120S return), or K1F (K1 from a 1041 return) screen is not available in the drop list, you will need to review the IRS instructions to see what that code means and how it may need to be entered. Certain entries are allowed on the K1 screens as part of the basis calculations. If data flow for an item is not explained or entry is not available, then you must evaluate the item and make a direct entry on the applicable screen(s). 

Below are the links to IRS PDF instructions for each K-1 type:

On a K1P, K1F, or K1S screen, right-click on the data entry screen and select Screen Help (or press CTRL + ALT + ?). On the help screen, click the K1 Data Flow link.

Links are also provided in the chart below for your convenience: 

K1P  K1S  K1F
2023 2023 2023
2022 2022 2022
2021 2021 2021
2020 2020 2020
2019 2019 2019
2018 2018 2018
2017 2017 2017
2016 2016 2016
2015 2015 2015

Note: If you attempt to enter a code not supported by the software, you can use the key combination of CTRL + F to go to the next field. This allows the code to be entered, however, it does not carry any information to the return if it is not in the drop list. 


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