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10098: State or City Information on Result Letter

State Returns Generally

Why are the state and/or city returns being referenced incorrectly in the result letter? 

This article discusses issues that may cause the result letter to not display state information correctly (or at all). See the sections below for more information.  

State info not showing on result letter

A state extension screen or the presence of unneeded data in the return can prevent state information from being displayed in the results letter.

  • State extension
    • If you generated an extension, return to data entry to the STEX screen located on the STATES tab (1040 package) or the specific state EXT screen, usually located on the OTHER tab (business packages), and mark that the taxpayer has filed the state extension or paper-filed it (even if it was e-filed), and is now ready to file the state return.
  • Unneeded state data in the return
    • Unneeded state data in the return occasionally prevents state information from being displayed in the result letter. On the main data entry screen in the return, press CTRL+Shift+R to repair the return.*

If you still do not see your state information being displayed in the letter, please contact Drake Support at (828) 524-8020.

State info showing when not needed

To refresh letter results, go to data entry of the return and complete the key combination of CTRL+Shift+R to repair the client data file.* This will not remove the state from the letter if the state return still exists, even though it is not being e-filed. This will remove any invalid state or city results from the letter if the state/city returns are no longer present. On the repair screen, make sure that the box is checked to Automatically Remove State Calculation Result Records.

Suppressing the state on the EF Selections screen only prevents the state return from e-filing. It does not suppress the state return from generating. As long as the state return is generated, it will show in the result letter.

To prevent a state return from  being produced, either:

  1. Go to the PRNT screen and choose the state you want to suppress under Suppress these States at the bottom right,
  2. Or, verify that the state was not chosen on any data entry screen, including federal screens, and no state screens are highlighted where no data has been entered for that state.

Displaying EF or Paper File State Information

The result letter displays e-file information for the state return only if the state return is eligible for e-file. Otherwise, state paper filing information is displayed. For e-file information to display on the result letter, check the following items:

  • EF messages
    • In View, review and clear all red EF messages for the state.
    • Some states require that federal EF messages also be cleared before the state is eligible for e-file. 
  • State suppression
    • In data entry, ensure that you have not suppressed the state on the EF screen.
      • The Do NOT send any states field and the SUPPRESS ALL E-FILE field should be clear.
      • If there is a selection in any of the STATE E-FILE OVERRIDE fields, the state you want in the result letter is selected. The fields must all be blank, or your state(s) must be selected.
    • On the Setup > Options > EF tab, you have not suppressed the state or all State EF.
  • Override
    • You can also override state filing information that will display on the result letter. On the COMM screen (LTR screen in Drake18 and prior), choose either EF or Paper filing information for individual states selected from the field drop lists:

Starting in Drake19: 

Drake18 and prior: 

*Caution:  CTRL+Shift+R removes unneeded state files. A 709 Gift Tax return also can be removed when using this function. Read the warning screens carefully before responding if the return you are in has a 709.

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